Kn95 Protective Mask

Kn95 Protective Mask

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Kn95 mask is made under the Chinese standard GB 2626-2006, which has been proved to be similar filtration efficiency as N95 and FFP2 respirators.

Use Kn95 mask is a great alternative solution for normal people to protect themselves and their families when going outside, staying in public.

Cup-shaped design structure makes this disposable kn95 mask has better facial-fit performance than normal medical face masks. For Kn95 mask price, it will be much expensive than a disposable face mask, since the structure of a kn95 mask is normally four layers, consists of nonwoven fiber layer, hot air cotton layer, filtered melt-blown.

Kn95 mask has a filtration(PFE) larger than 95%, and plus the kn95 mask has a similar design to the n95 respirator mask, which makes the facial fit very well, both result in better protection performance.


Product Description

Breathable Protective Clothing Nonwoven SMS Taped Coverall

Material non-woven, soft cotton, melt blown filter
Efficient Filtration Filters at least 95% of dust, haze, droplets, and other particles
Multi-layer Filters Uses melt-blown nonwoven material of a moderate thickness for optimal particle absorption. The electrostatic filter is highly efficient at filtering particles
Breathe with ease Nonwoven fabric allows for comfortable breathing
Ergonomic Design Comfortable to wear, and using a low impedance filter material with no odor
Securely Sealed Adjustable metal strip ensures optimal sealing between the bridge of the nose and the mask
Color White
Style Elastic Ear-loop without valve
Model No. FB95
Type Antibacterial
Function prevent flu, anti-smoke, dust


1) Unfold the mask and pull the bands outward on each end

2). Position the mask on your face with the adjustable metal strip facing up

3). Place the bands around both ears

4). Press down lightly on the metal strip to ensure the mask is securely sealed.


DO NOT use the mask in medical and surgical environments.

DO NOT use the mask in an environment where the oxygen concentration is below 19.5%

DO NOT use the mask if you have a beard or other facial hair that has direct contact between your face and the edge of the mask

DO NOT use the mask in an environment of toxic gas


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